Aero-Soil Perlite (4 cu ft)


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Product Description

Perlite is the name of a naturally occurring mineral. In nature, it exists as a type of volcanic glass, created when the volcanic obsidian glass gets saturated with water over a long time. Since fertile volcanic areas have been settled since biblical times (due to fertile soils), humans have been aware of perlite at least since Third Century BC. Natural perlite is grey colored amorphous glass. Amorphous means that it doesn’t have any definite shape or structure, unlike a crystal.

Like all other volcanic rocks, perlite is also pretty heavy and dense in its natural form. Perlite typically contains the following ingredients:

  • 70-75% silicon dioxide,
  • Aluminum oxide,
  • Sodium oxide,
  • Potassium oxide,
  • Iron oxide,
  • Magnesium oxide,
  • Calcium oxide, and
  • 3-5% Water.


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